Red Bull BP17 Conference

Red Bull commissioned us to create the brand identity, welcome kit, on-site branding, and a range of memorable items for their BP17 Culture Conference. This annual conference – held each year in a different city – brings the entire global Culture & Culture Communications family of Red Bull together, and sets the direction for future marketing efforts and programs.

Our concept for the design references the conference’s location: the Speicherstadt district in Hamburg, an UNESCO world heritage site found right in the heart of the harbor. Classic maritime visuals like the ornate brickwork of warehouses, ships on the Elbe River, and Hamburg’s various landmarks are re-interpreted. The resulting abstract, graphical, and contemporary composition of these aforementioned elements form the foundation and core of the brand identity. This is then implemented across all the communications materials and on site designs. The final design vocabulary is also translated into items found in the attendees’ gifts, which include a 64-page city guide book, a stitch-bound custom notebook, a sailor’s bag, and custom transfer tattoos.