Heimplanet Rebranding

Heimplanet is a German outdoor gear brand whose award-winning, innovative inflatable tent designs have garnered the company global recognition. Heimplanet’s mission is to create outstanding travel equipment that supports you on all your journeys, grand or small. Every Heimplanet product is carefully considered and developed in a way that often challenges conventions, yet always enhances your experience.

Heimplanet approached VSM Studio to redefine and extend the brand to better reflect their growing range of products. We took on the brand’s creative direction, refined the existing mark and created an entirely new identity. Bold photography, the distinct use of typography and grid-based layout principles all pay tribute to Heimplanet’s core vision: to explore new ideas, to accomplish things in a different way, and most of all to seek inspiration through travel.

The new design language was applied to all key retail and product packaging elements as well as inspirational lookbooks and various promotional materials.

Photography by Jan-Vincent Kleine and Sebastian Doerk